Shop for Psychedelic Art and Clothing

Find local clothing in Grand Rapids, Kentwood and Comstock Park, MI

Decorate your home to reflect your hippie lifestyle. Purple East carries local clothing, incense, tapestries and blown glass at our stores in Comstock Park, Kentwood and Grand Rapids, MI. Find groovy posters or fragrant incense that will set the mood for any smoke session. You'll walk away with something unique made by a local artist.

Come to our store today to find something for yourself or your home.

Why shop locally?

Why should you support local businesses or artists in Comstock Park, Grand Rapids or Kentwood, MI? Here are a few good reasons:

  • You financially give back to the community
  • You'll find something no one else has
  • You could meet your favorite artists or local clothing designers
  • You'll raise property values in the neighborhood

Shop locally to support your community. Supporting local businesses is the right choice for conscientious Michigan residents.